Our Services

We offer a wide range of service options for international Shipments

Shipit Express

ShipIt Express

ShipIt Express offers international courier services at cost-effective rates. This option is ideal for small shipments as well as care packages too! Parcels usually arrive within 5-7 days. Let’s send love beyond borders.

Shipit Business

ShipIt Business

Partner up with us through ShipIt Business! We can handle your orders internationally through our Express component or choose from our wide range of service options for commercial shipments: ShipIt Fulfillment, ShipIt Amazon FBA/FBM, ShipIt Forwarding, and ShipIt Import.

Shipit Fulfillment

ShipIt Fulfillment

Ships your international orders directly from the Philippines to our US warehouse, packed and then delivered to your US customers. Perfect if you target to launch on an e-commerce website in North America from sellers, or have general warehousing and fulfillment needs.

Shipit Amazon

ShipIt Amazon

Direct shipping services from the Philippines to your nominated fulfillment facility. If you are an Amazon seller, and need to send your products to Amazon Warehouses (FBA/FBM), ShipIt is here to help!

Shipit Forwarding

ShipIt Forwarding

Ship your goods without going through the complex shipping process. We can assist from compliance documentation to securing a broker for your consignee abroad. If you're transporting things in bulk by air or sea or if you want to avoid the time-consuming procedure of exporting, this is the solution for you.

Shipit Import

ShipIt Import

ShipIt can help you bring in your items in the Philippines for a personalized service experience, from commercial imports to personal imports.