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*ShipIt Express is good for those who are looking to ship small, personal parcels

What can ShipIt do for you?


Here at ShipIt, we make sure that your deliveries arrive on time. ShipIt’s fast deliveries only take 5-7 days in major cities and can only take up to 14 days in remote areas.


At ShipIt, we believe in making your shipping experience not only hassle-free but also affordable. With ShipIt, you can enjoy significant savings on shipping costs whenever you’re sending packages internationally.


Here at ShipIt, we guarantee that every aspect of your shipping complies with all the requirements and standards of the destination country. We seamlessly navigate the shipping complexities, guaranteeing your shipments are consistently compliant.

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We make cross-border trade easy and accessible for all of your shipments.

ShipIt Express

For small shipments or care packages. Parcels arrive within 5-7 days.

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ShipIt Fulfillment

For e-commerce websites or warehousing and fulfillment needs in North America.

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ShipIt for Amazon

For Amazon Sellers; direct shipping services from the Philippines to your nominated fulfillment facility.

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ShipIt Forwarding

For transporting things in bulk by air or sea; we’ll handle compliance documentation to securing a broker for your consignee abroad.

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ShipIt Import

ShipIt can help you bring your items into the Philippines for a personalized service experience, from commercial imports to personal imports.

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